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Issue 1
Jan David Jenkins: five career-defining benefits of achieving CPAM or CSAM designation | How Felicity Furey is helping to develop the next generation of diverse and talented engineers
Issue 14
Dec Australia’s local government infrastructure | 2021 Highlights
Issue 13
Nov IPWEA’s five-step plan to support public works engineers | Profile: Kathryn Johnson
Issue 12
Oct Why IPWEA is launching an asset tracking and monitoring program | Profile: Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons
Issue 11
Sep Automated asset tracking technology saving time and money | Profiles: Pieter Wiekeraad & Dean Gaedtke
Issue 10
Aug Swimming through the tide of asset and financial management | Profile: ALGA CEO Matt Pinnegar
Issue 9
Jul The many benefits of hiring fully accredited staff | How two local authorities in America plan to use infrastructure stimulus funding
Issue 8
Jun Skills development must form part of the Federal Budget infrastructure spend | Opportunities and challenges for councils in the 5G roll-out
Issue 7
May Why our members are so vital to a functioning society | How a regional council pursues ‘best practice’ in asset management
Issue 6
Apr It’s time for asset management to be considered a profession | IPWEA and LGASA team up to deliver asset-management expertise
Issue 5
Mar The technology keeping track of assets to avoid loss and streamline fleets | Don Sun, City of Calgary profile
Issue 4
Feb The international gold standard in integrated asset management | APWA CEO Scott Grayson profile: How to make the most of your assets
Issue 3
Feb Four pathways to carbon neutrality by 2050 | Engineering leader Chris Haskas shows the value of continuing in education
Issue 2
Jan Why the new IIMM is your essential companion for 2021 | Insight and predictions from Infrastructure Australia CEO Romilly Madew
Issue 1
Jan Why education will be the path to success in 2021 | Managing public infrastructure assets: trends and predictions for 2021
Issue 110
Dec Why the IPWEA is building education pathways to work in local government settings | Implementing sustainable urban design
Issue 109
Nov Why better asset management matters | Change ahead as electric vehicles start to dominate fleets
Issue 108
Oct Why IPWEA’s IIMM e-book is faster, easier and more efficient | IPWEA is here to help as national mandatory registration for engineers looms
Issue 107
Oct Getting the balance right: 3000K v 4000K LED street lighting | Young IPWEA member Clarissa Campbell
Issue 106
Oct Opinion: Technology continuing to transform your asset management procedures | BUDGET 2020-21: What’s in it for infrastructure?
Issue 105
Oct Record transport investment for New Zealand to help economic recovery and save lives | Federal government increases investment in water infrastructure
Issue 104 Sep Infrastructure for Today and Tomorrow | Final projects announced as part of $134.5 million infrastructure package
Issue 103
Sep The shift to low carbon infrastructure | New funding to use recycled materials in infrastructure
Issue 102
Aug Opinion by David Jenkins - Using technology and the IoT to improve asset performance | Funding flows to local roads and community infrastructure
Issue 101 Aug Clean Jobs Plan could create thousands of jobs: New report | NZ Waste funding welcomed, but strategy needed urgently
Issue 100 July Opinion - Unlocking the benefits of asset tracking in your workplace | New Australian Research Hub to tackle global waste crisis
Issue 99 July Digital twins can help monitor infrastructure and save us billions | Women in Local Government receive Federal COVID support
Issue 98 June Opinion - Making your dollar go further: Why asset tracking is critical in an economic downturn
Issue 97 June IPWEA welcomes Federal Government’s $1.8 billion regional infrastructure boost
Issue 96 May Ozwater’20 Q&A: What we can learn from the Millennium drought | Pioneering research on Whirokino Bridge gleans valuable insights for engineers
Issue 95 May Infrastructure investment key to New Zealand’s economic recovery | Windows will soon generate electricity, following solar cell breakthrough | Waste management projects fast-tracked under government scheme

Issue 94

Apr Opinion: Why asset management planning is key to addressing the threat of climate change | Local government drives economic recovery

Issue 93

Apr Calls for federal government to include councils in COVID-19 stimulus | Freeways fail to reduce traffic congestion, says new research
Issue 92 Apr Why training and development are now more important than ever | Applications open for Round Five of national Bridges Renewal Program
Issue 91 Mar New Local Government Act obligations will challenge unprepared councils | Road funding to fix 147 NSW black spots
Issue 90 Mar IPWEA supports call to action for infrastructure resilience | World Engineering Day: turning Australia's rubbish into a resource
Issue 89 Feb Local funding a means to achieve national economic priorities: ALGA | Bushfire construction standard to be accessible to all Australians
Issue 88 Feb Telco infrastructure resilience under review after disastrous bushfires | Planning the blueprint for the next decade’s waste processing
Issue 87 Jan Australia’s bushfire crisis: a personal evacuation story by Allen Mapstone | The shared challenge of the devastating NSW fires
Issue 86 Dec Chris Champion appointed as Engineers Australia National President and Board Chair | Pledge to cut green bin contamination
Issue 85 Nov SA councils in major trial using recycled tyre rubber | Local Government Bill 2019 introduced to Victorian Parliament | Australian companies ready to invest in AI: study
Issue 84 Nov IPWEA warns of increasing knowledge gaps in its Infrastructure Australia audit submission | New IPWEA CEO announced
Issue 83 Oct Recycling facility secures Parkes’ water future | Recycled roads can beat COAG ban, says ACOR | AI eye-in-the-sky spots crocs in UTS trial
Issue 82 Oct ISO Technical Specification Webinar offers 12 months free Maturity Assessment tool access | New directory lists expert STEM Women | Canada scores low on infrastructure report card
Issue 81 Oct ISO 55010 bridges gap between financial and non-financial asset management | Accelerated learning happens outside the comfort zone
Issue 80 Sep Engineering mentors wanted to nurture future leaders | Councils quantify their after-dark income
Issue 79 Aug Winners of top Australian and New Zealand infrastructure and public works awards announced | Ken Halstead OAM awarded IPWEA Keith H Wood Medal
Issue 78 Aug IPWEA welcomes action on Infrastructure Australia audit | Sydney workshop to review International Infrastructure Management Manual
Issue 77 Aug Professional Certificate has immediate rewards | Progress on ISO Asset Management
Issue 76 Jul Strategies for managing physical assets | IPWEA welcomes new CEO Cathy Morcom | A call to elevate the value of waste
Issue 75 Jul The circular economy | AI technology improves critical crack detection in bridges and buildings | Local roads paving the way to a greener future
Issue 74 Jun 2019 IPWEA Excellence Awards Finalists announced | Yarra Ranges Council wins 2 IPWEA Victoria Awards | Adelaide Airport terminal expansion and services upgrade project win
Issue 73 Jun Vibrant Hobart has solid foundations | Principal Advisor appointed to IPWEA asset management program | Parks Management: Fundamentals
Issue 72 May Resilience and the rising tide | Breaking up with employee engagement | Human-centric road lighting installation
Issue 71 Apr The benefits of visualisation in asset management | SA outsources road maintenance | Cycling infrastructure study
Issue 70 Apr How to avoid sprayed seal failures
Issue 69 Mar LG's ageing workforce | A NZ-first bridge project | Technology transforming public works
Issue 68 Mar Personal resilience during disasters | Tas bushfire update | How Logan tapped solar for safe, reliable water
Issue 67 Feb How to avoid the 5 biggest asset management mistakes | $14 billion council infrastructure at risk from rising sea levels
Issue 66 Feb 5 years of ISO 55000 | How a grad program will transform your workforce | Smart parks a data goldmine
Issue 65 Jan Making a modern engineer: The skill needed to succeed
Issue 64 Dec ANALYSIS: Results from the 2018 State of the Assets report
Issue 63 Nov A new way to engage your community | NZ project wins global award | New IPWEA publication
Issue 62 Nov The world's smartest cities | A 'shocking' drainage problem | New AUS-SPEC roads package
Issue 61 Oct De-engineering a concern for 53% of public sector engineers
Issue 60 Oct Drones in public works: The sky's the limit
Issue 59 Sep Weird things happen when automation and humans collide
Issue 58 Sep Our engineering shortage | Australia's largest stormwater project| Failed spray seal investigation
Issue 57 Aug Are Australia's bridges at risk? | AM standard updates | Council CEO churn
Issue 56 Aug The top 5 tech trends (as voted by public works professionals)
Issue 55 July How BIM is shaping infrastructure | Salary cut for engineers | Smart parking
Issue 54 July What problems could smart infrastructure solve for your community?
Issue 53 July PlasticRoad trial | Lessons from Hobart's floods | Third runway for Melbourne Airport
Issue 52 June Drones in engineering | Microtunnelling for drainage | Third asset management revolution
Issue 51 June Case study: How a rural council saved a doomed bridge
Issue 50 May Is a tourism tax the answer for cash-strapped councils?
Issue 49 May Recycling crisis analysis | Asset Management Congress announced | Reusing street sweepings
Issue 48 Apr How your procurement can change lives | Sustainable asphalt tools | World's longest sea bridge
Issue 47 Apr What asset management issues will we face in the next decade?
Issue 46 Mar Tackling a shortage of skilled engineers | Getting set for the Games | Why do bridges fail?
Issue 45 Mar Future of roads asset management | 8 green infrastructure principles | International Women's Day
Issue 44 Feb Determining the useful life of assets | There's a shortage of candidates with these engineering skills
Issue 43 Feb Roboswans monitor water quality | Asset management protects council from litigation | China waste ban bites councils
Issue 42 Jan Admit it: we need climate proof stadiums | AU and NZ infrastructure not ready for driverless cars
Issue 41 Dec How drones can save you time and money | 7 biggest asset management maturity mistakes
Issue 40 Nov The 3 risk analysis mistakes you can't afford to make
Issue 39 Nov NZ's earthquake recovery | Asset management partnership | IPWEA welcomes new President
Issue 38 Nov Call for better LG reporting | Is it time for the zebra crossing to change its stripes? | How's your digital maturity?
Issue 37 Oct Why kids need risky playgrounds | New energy scheme | Quake-resistant concrete
Issue 36 Oct Why engineers leave local gov (and how to make them stay)
Issue 35 Sep Gender-based discrimination in engineering | Monster fatberg | Meet the new NAMS Chair
Issue 34 Aug Winners of AU and NZ's top LG infrastructure awards announced
Issue 33 Aug The 5 biggest asset management mistakes (and how to avoid them)
Issue 32 Jul Fighting for a fairer local government grants system
Issue 31 Jul A solution for our vast unsealed road network | Why cadetships are vital for the industry's future
Issue 30 Jun Changing the way we respond to disasters
Issue 29 Jun Why country councils are headed for an engineering drought
Issue 28 Jun Are you ready for the new CoR laws? | Australia's largest flood study | Diverging diamond interchanges
Issue 27 May This is how driverless cars will change your life (and maybe your job)
Issue 26 May Congestion-busting tunnels? | The recipe for innovation | Call for 'good debt'
Issue 25 Apr The most in demand engineering skill in 2017
Issue 24 Apr The battle for rural council funding | Saving pedestrian lives with pavement lighting
Issue 23 Mar Why value capture could be tricky | Bridge funding up for grabs | Lighting conference dazzles
Issue 22 Mar Plastic fantastic roads | Flying cars | Financial Assistance Grants
Issue 21 Feb How downtown LA went from ghost town to flourishing
Issue 20 Feb How a viral bitumen video put a tiny WA council on the map
Issue 19 Jan Reducing the road toll could be as easy as turning on a light
Issue 18 Dec LED street lighting will slash costs, halve energy use: IPWEA Roadmap
Issue 17 Dec Why councils need 'next practice' asset management
Issue 16 Nov Earthquake devastates New Zealand's infrastructure
Issue 15 Nov ISO 55000 review | LED street light trial saves 82% power | Transport project overruns total $28 billion
Issue 14 Oct Most councils in this state have poor asset management
Issue 13 Oct How to fix local government's broken revenue model
Issue 12
Sep Drones are counting koalas and herding geese | How bad planning makes unsustainable
Issue 11 Sep The 5 top reasons councils fail at asset management
Issue 10 Jul How to make people love where they live
Issue 9 Jun

Unlocking wastewater power | 'Smartphone zombies' | World's most efficient solar cell

Issue 8 May Special report: learn why we need a national infrastructure strategy
Issue 7 Apr Introducing mean, green, earth moving machines
Issue 6 Mar Would you pay to drive on Australian roads?
Issue 5 Feb Community engagement: The new black?
Issue 4 Dec Developing drones to do our dirty work
Issue 3 Nov How we can fix our 'vulnerable' cities
Issue 2
Oct How a new PM has boosted industry confidence
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