Branch Elections




It is that time of the year again where members need to choose a Branch Chairperson. Members get to nominate or choose who they would like to represent them on the IPWEA NZ Board. 


2021-2022 promises be a busy year, not only with additional government funding and growing public awareness of Public Works Engineering but also with additional support from IPWEA NZ. The additional support for members and Branch Chairs comes from several new roles at IPWEA NZ – including Emily Liddell as Membership Engagement Manager. We look forward to supporting your local activity and helping you to grow membership and engagement in your area.


The nomination process is simple. Your current chair may be keen to continue to their role, with your support. The nomination form is downloadable below, due by 5pm, Wednesday July 28th.


Online voting will open from Thursday July 29th, and will close on Friday 6th August. All members will be sent a unique ID and password to vote for their Branch Chair.


Thank you for your involvement in this process and making 2021-2022 a year of growth!

Download the Branch Chairperson nomination form here.


This handbook outlines IPWEA NZ's values and purpose, and is designed to be a 'how-to' guide to support branch chairs in their role.  Download the branch chair handbook here