Are you the kind of person who likes to make things really happen in your community? Then Public Works and Local Government Engineering could be the career for you.

This section outlines what you might do as a public works engineers; how to become an engineer; and what you need to do to get involved. Just some of the things public works engineers work at include:

  •  Building roads, drains, water & sewerage, buildings, cycleways and skateparks
  •  Planning the creation of new residential estates
  •  New bridges over railway lines or rivers
  •  Improving traffic flow and safety
  •  Roundabouts, islands and traffic lights at busy intersections
  •  Planning new children's playgrounds
  •  Providing new sporting facilities, such as sports fields, gyms and pools
  •  Rubbish collection from homes and parks to keep the place clean
  •  Environmentally friendly recycling facilities
  •  Saving our beaches for the future with sea/beach environmental programs
  •  Managing rainwater runoff (what do you do with all the rain that falls on a shopping centre roof?)
  •  Managing fleet of heavy plant like graders, loaders and trucks, and the light fleet of utilities, vans and cars
  •  And let's not forget about keeping all of the councils infrastructure in good condition for the community of the future!

Who is IPWEA?

IPWEA stands for The Institute of Public Works Engineering, Australasia. It is the professional body representing the entire engineering team who work either in public works, local government or any related area. Membership is open to everyone who works in the industry, including students.

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