Professional Certificate - Ambassador Profile


Name: Samantha Gartland

Title: Strategic Asset Manager (ex-Operations Systems Coordinator)

Organisation: Darwin International Airport, Northern Territory

Course completion date: (month and year) October 2019

Why did you complete the course?

Frustrations around lack of clarity and standards and the expectation my employer had for me to upload and maintain assets without direction or training. I thought it would provide an overview of why and how to manage assets better.

What did you like about the course’s content?

Life cycle modelling, connection between the long-term financial plan and operational requirements of the business.

What did you enjoy about how the course was delivered?

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course!
I found the asset plan quite easy to complete with the course material to guide and the template and example to follow. It wasn't as stressful as I had anticipated! Shout out to the fantastic mentor support and very informative and engaging videos. I also enjoyed the content and loved the personal interactions with the mentors.

How did completing the course help you with doing your job?

The asset plan I produced was so well regarded in the organisation that it was approved to commence. It became the Strategic Asset Management Project for the Airport Development Group. I received a promotion to Strategic Asset Manager.

Do you have any other comments?

The biggest takeaway from the AM Plan I have created will be a focus on data improvements, particularly moving to a single asset register, which I am beginning to gain buy in from the Finance Department. I also believe this document will go a long way towards the case for the implementation of an overall asset management strategy.

I would also say to those interested to sign up! It will be well worth it. Best course I have done, very interesting and well delivered! I would do a part 2 if available!