Professional Certificate - Ambassador Profile


Name: Marie-Élaine Desbiens

Title: Ing. M. Sc.

Organisation: CERIU, Centre d’Expertise et de Recherche en Infrastructures Urbaines, Canada

Course completion date: 2018

Why did you complete the course?

I completed the Certificate out of professional interest. I have been involved in infrastructure management for over 25 years and more specifically in asset management for 15 years. The asset management model that inspired me is the one developed in the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IPWEA) and that is why the Certificate in Asset Management Planning was a logical continuation.

What did you like about the course’s content?

Thinking about future demand is particularly interesting because it must be linked to the long-term strategic objectives of the organisation. Here in Quebec, there are few municipalities that have carried out these strategic exercises. In addition, thinking about future demand highlights the need to take into account the effects of climate change on assets.

What did you enjoy about how the course was delivered?

Online training is particularly interesting. The fact that we can follow certain activities at a convenient time is an advantage when we are already busy with our professional activities. In addition, the internet platform offers several places for discussion with colleagues and feedback from mentors. This provides good support for learning.

What did you specifically learn?

The importance of multidisciplinary work and professional judgment. When data and information are missing, it is still possible to make reasonable assumptions to continue the work.

How did completing the course help you with doing your job?

The simple but comprehensive approach is useful when it comes to advising a small organisation. Engaging in asset management is possible regardless of the size or level of organisation. The important thing is to start with what is available.

What would you say to others thinking about doing this course?

It is a well-structured exercise that requires a good investment of time. It's worth it because there is a useful final deliverable for the organisation. Having to go through all the stages allows you to have a more global vision of asset management and the usefulness of the asset management plan.

Do you have any other comments?

To benefit even more, whilst you are doing the training, you could discuss the topics and content with your colleagues from other departments (finance, public works, etc.) because they too can share in the data and knowledge.