Procert IFM


The new Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial Management (ProCert IFM) equips asset and finance management professionals with capabilities to achieve required infrastructure management objectives.

Continue your professional development and build your capability to lead your organisation in providing financially sustainable service delivery from Infrastructure.

Participant benefits

This new Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial Management course will reference the 2020 edition of the internationally acclaimed International Infrastructure Financial Management Manual (IIFMM), the go-to publication for infrastructure finance management globally.

  • Over 6 modules you will learn global best-practice from internationally renowned experts.
  • Built for busy professionals looking to fast-track their development, delivered via a mix of online content, videos and coursework.
  • Gain the capability to work across your organisation linking asset management planning and financial management planning to achieve service objectives.

The course will reference International Accounting Standards and Financial Reporting Standards -(IFRS) and ISO 55010, thus achieving relevancy both in Australasia and internationally.

Learn how to:

  • Adopt a stewardship approach to managing infrastructure,
  • Progress from annual budgeting to long-term financial planning,
  • Use suitable financial management report to inform long-term decision,
  • Apply the IPWEA NAMS+ industry tools, templates and publications.


Course Details

Date & Time

Module 1 commences:

Monday, 22 February 2021

Starts at 9:00am

Price (ex GST)

IPWEA member: AU$2,600 | Non-member: AU$2,800

Save up to $200/pp
when you register for the pro cert course as an IPWEA member

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CPD Points
Total estimated 50 – 60 hours


Everything you need to know about the upcoming course...

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22 Feb 21






Module Open
North America

Module Open

Every Monday 9AM (AEST)





Early opening

Feb 21

Feb 27 Feb 22 Feb 28

Module 1 - Introduction to Infrastructure Financial Management

Feb 28 Feb 06 Mar 01 Mar 07

Module 2 - Financial Strategy and Planning

Mar 07 Mar 13 Mar 08 Mar 14

Module 3 - Linking Financial and Asset Management Planning

Mar 14 Mar 20 Mar 15 Mar 21

Module 4 - Accounting for Infrastructure

Inc Q&A webinar

Mar 21 Mar 27 Mar 22 Mar 28

Module 5 - Financial Management Reporting

Inc Q&A webinar

Mar 28 Apr 03 Mar 29 Apr 04

Module 6 - The Bigger Picture

Apr 04 Apr 10 Apr 05 Apr 11

Assign soft due

Apr 25 Apr 25 Apr 26 Apr 26

Assign hard due

May 09

May 09

May 10

May 10
Assign marking period Apr 25 Jul 01 Apr 26 Jul 02


T: +61 1300 416 745 (Australia)
Australia & New Zealand Enquiries:

6 modules delivered online

  • Delivered by an online platform with weekly live Q&A, how-to videos, discussion forums and assignments
  • Hands-on experience with tools and templates
  • Based on the International Infrastructure Financial Management Manual (IIFMM). During the course you will be given access to this valuable reference publication.
  • Aligns with International Accounting Standards and Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and  ISO 55010.

Course objectives

  • Master the key concepts of infrastructure financial management
  • Learn how to adopt a stewardship approach to managing infrastructure
  • Learn to communicate and manage the interplay between Asset Management Planning and Financial Planning

Course outputs

  • Successful completion of the course - "Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial Management"
  • Final assignment will be based on the development of a Long-Term Financial Plan including the use of financial sustainability indicators.

Learning outcomes

  • Articulate the link between Asset Management Planning and Financial Planning
  • Articulate and apply a stewardship approach to managing infrastructure to provide required services in a financially sustainable manner
  • Prepare annual financial statements in line with local reporting requirements that recognise infrastructure assets as an item of property, plant and equipment
  • Communicate service and risk consequences
  • Develop financial reports that recognise performance against budget performance in financial management reports.

This will be an intensive but practical and rewarding course consisting of 6 Modules.

Learning by Doing

Innovation requires action. That’s why this course will help you put into practice everything that you will learn. And you won’t just learn from video lectures – you will also get to participate in an engaging and collaborative classroom environment.

Industry Expert Mentors

Your mentors fast-track student’s learning, through the sharing of their experiences and insights.
Your mentors track your progress, provide feedback and carefully assess your draft Asset Management Plan.
The Professional Certificate delivers immediate results to you and your organisation.

Online Program

This is a 100% online program, which gives you the flexibility to adapt your training to your professional and personal needs. You will be guided throughout the program by a personal learning mentor who will help you with activities.

IPWEA uses the latest in platform Cahoot. Cahoot is a highly dynamic and innovative online educational environment that delivers world class learning experiences and outcomes to participants from around the world. In collaboration with inspirational global educators and organisations across the world, Cahoot delivers truly engaging and meaningful educational experiences.


The course is targeted at those managing public infrastructure assets such as road and transport networks, water, sewer and drainage networks, parks and recreation facilities, community facilities and buildings and other community assets.

Therefore any professional with an interest in progressing their career in this rapidly evolving field, including:

  • senior management
  • asset managers
  • Finance leaders, accountants and finance staff
  • technical officers
  • administrative staff
  • community planners
  • IT staff
  • staff service providers

CPD Points

On average, each module will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete the mandatory learning activities. Additionally, you will be required to complete your final assignment. Your final assignment may take 20-30 hours to complete, depending upon the size and readiness of your asset management information.

Total estimated 50 – 60 hours (depending on available data & previous experience).

Eligible for CPD by Engineers Australia (EA) in accordance with EA Guidelines.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded an IPWEA Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial Management.

What qualification is awarded for the IPWEA Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial Management?

The IPWEA Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial Management is a short course which is practitioner based and focussed. A professional certificate is awarded by IPWEA upon successful completion of the course.


Candidates may cancel their enrolment at any time. Cancellations received seven (7) or more days before to commencement of the course will not incur any penalty. Cancellations received less than seven (7) days but prior to the commencement of the course will be required to pay 50% of the course fee. Cancellations received after the course has commenced will be required to pay 100% of the course fee.

Enrolment suspension and transfer

  1. Applications to suspend and transfer enrolment to the next course must be received by the course administrator before the start of Module 1.
  2. Applications for suspension and transfer received after commencement of Module 1 will incur a fee equal to 50% of the course registration fee to transfer to a future course.
  3. Candidates who have transferred enrolment to a Course must recommence on the next available course.
  4. Candidates who are granted an enrolment suspension and transfer will be provided access to all modules of the subsequent Course. Any of the work completed on the Course portal (Cahoot) during the initial enrolment will not be transferred to the subsequent Program portal.


  1. Extensions to complete work/assignments which are due will only be given in the following circumstances:
    1. Illness or injury of the candidate or his/her immediate family where the candidate is one of the primary caregivers;
    2. Death or incapacity of a family member or close relative;
    3. Absence of the candidate’s manager, where the manager must sign-off any assignment;
    4. Abnormal or unanticipated work load resulting from entity restructures or severe natural weather events such as earthquakes, storms, floods.
  2. Only one extension of time to complete work/assignment will be granted per program.
  3. Requests for extension of time due to any inability to balance competing priorities (such as leaving course work to the last minute) will not be granted. The ability to learn to balance competing objectives is a core skill to be acquired as part of successfully completing the course.
  4. Unemployment, absence, relocation, secondment, changing employer – these are special circumstances and usually result in allowing the candidate either additional time to complete, or to suspend their course with the option of re-commencing at the same stage in the next available course. Such matters are considered on a case by case basis. Application should be made in writing to the course administrators.

Assignment submissions

  1. Assignments must be the participant’s own work. We acknowledge collaboration can occur within an entity. However, submissions must be the participant’s own work.
  2. Participants must follow the format of the Asset Plan as per the course. Assignments must be consistent with the course format and templates.


Personal information will be handled in accordance with IPWEA’s privacy policy, available on IPWEA’s website.

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