2017 Annual Parks Seminar

Performance approach to asset management and service delivery reviews

About the Seminar

The 2017 seminar provides valuable learning and networking opportunities in parks and recreation management best practice.


Bring together all the elements of parks management best practice to map out the management improvement process 

Bring together your planning, operations and asset management staff 

Develop a personalised improvement plan for your organisation 

Identify what the common industry improvement issues are in your area

 Explore the various tools available to assess and monitor your organisations asset management maturity and monitor its improvement over time

Course objectives

  • Takeaway your own improvement plan 
  • Take your parks management skills and approach to the next level 
  • Be able to implement improvements within your organisation 
  • Explore the common industry improvement issues and challenges with your peers 
  • Use tools and resources to help assess and track your improvement process 



  • Develop and/or update an improvement plan 
  • Undertake a maturity assessment exercise 
  • Prioritise your improvement planning more effectively  
  • Overcome challenges and bottlenecks preventing ongoing improvement 


Who should attend

  • Parks managers and directors
  • Parks planners
  • Parks asset officers
  • Parks supervisors/coordinators
  • Asset management consultants
  • Parks service delivery contractors


Seminar Presenters  

Brian Milne | Xyst Ltd

Brian is the author of IPWEA’s Practice Notes 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3.

Brian has a wide range of experience in local government parks and recreation facility management, with over 30 years in the industry. In addition to a background in operations and planning work, Brian now specialises in asset management for the parks and facilities sector, and is seen as an international leader in the field.

Brian has been at the forefront of the development of asset management practices for the parks and recreation industry. He was a member, and chairperson, of the PRAMS committee, which introduced a standard asset management system for the local government parks and recreation industry and developed the asset grading guidelines. From 1999 to 2003 he was the parks and recreation industry representative on the National Asset Management Steering group (NAMS) and has been involved on several project working parties, including the development of the 2001 International Infrastructure Management Manual. 

Jayson Kelly | Xyst Ltd

Jayson has over 25 years of local government experience in all facets of parks management. He began his career as a horticultural apprentice working in a parks department, and gained hands on experience in all aspects of parks maintenance activities, from the ground up.  He left working as a local government officer after several years as a parks manager for a large city council, and has spent the last 10 years as a specialist parks management consultant working throughout Australia and New Zealand supporting some of the country’s small shire councils through to some of the leading capital city councils.

Through his involvement with the Yardstick program as the Project Director for the Parks project, and as an auditor, he has gained an extensive knowledge of differing practices and issues within the parks and recreation sector, and a good understanding of what best practice actually is. Similarly, his contacts and professional networks span both sides of the Tasman, South Africa and Europe, in more than 60 Councils.

He has been the leader of several level of service development and service delivery review projects for clients in New Zealand and Australia.

Brian and Jayson are both experienced and talented public speakers, having delivered IPWEA’s Annual Parks Seminars throughout Australia for the last 9 years, as well as being key note speakers and presenters for national and international parks industry bodies.

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      Dates & Locations
      Brisbane 06 Nov
      Sydney 07 Nov
      Adelaide 08 Nov
      Melbourne 09 Nov
      Perth 14 Nov
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Seminar fee includes:
1-day seminar including presentation material, morning/afternoon tea and lunch
      Cancellation Policy: Substitution advice must be received 3 days prior to workshop. Cancellations received less than 1 week prior to workshop will be required to pay full cost. The right is reserved to defer, amend or cancel workshops.
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