IPWEA FLEET Manager’s Column


By FLEET e-news posted 12-08-2022 16:05


By Marc Sibbald – Director IPWEA FLEET

Thank you for the warm welcome!


It’s been six weeks since I started the role as Director IPWEA Fleet and I’m enjoying the opportunity to talk with members and learn about the projects people have been working on.

As the Director of IPWEA Fleet, my task is to ensure our members are engaged, supported, and have opportunities to continue their professional development along a pathway of continuous learning.

There’s no doubt that the next 10 years will be one of the most exciting times to be involved in fleet management as the world moves away from petrol and diesel engines towards zero emission vehicles. No one knows if one technology will dominate, and most of the experts are suggesting there will be lots of winners depending on the application.

One thing I’m confident about is, the world will need professional asset managers to make sure we can do more with less. This will create new opportunities for professional Fleet Managers because asset management is the core task, which is underpinned with knowledge in procurement, financial forecasting, project management and managing change.

I was excited to see 60 participants enrolled in the current semester of the Fleet Management Certificate which started earlier this month. They represent 40 organisations from across Australia and New Zealand. Once they successfully complete the course, they’ll join hundreds of alumni that have completed this internationally recognised qualification.

Another learning opportunity starting in August is the Winter Webinar Series. This year the focus is on developing individual and organisation skills to recruit and retain staff. In such a tight employment market, the ability to engage existing staff while attracting new employees will make the difference to the performance of your business unit. So, make sure you register early.

Later in the year I’m looking forward to meeting fleet members in person at the Fleet Training Workshops which will be held in each state. It’s been two years since IPWEA Fleet ran full day workshops, it will be a great opportunity to conduct some face-to-face training and learn more about the local challenges and issues for each fleet.

Being new in the role I have a lot to learn about our members and their fleets. I’m looking forward to meeting each one of you over the coming months and years. I love photos, so please take a photo of your favourite fleet asset and email to me because a picture tells a thousand words.