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Mitigating the impacts of third-party installations on reservoir towers

Thanks to gravity, reservoir towers have traditionally been placed at high points in many council areas. But over the years, other technologies have arrived that also benefit from their infrastructure being located at altitude – mobile phone communications, radio broadcast and emergency services...

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1988 United States military document on increase of Water Main roughness over time

This 27 page unclassified report from the US Army Corps of Engineers discusses mannings and colebrook white friction calculations along with other theories and the change in friction coefficients of these methods in unlined metal pipes over time. #TechnicalPaper #WaterSewerage #International

1988 United STates military document on increase of Water Main roughness over time.pdf

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Our cities need more trees and water, not less, to stay liveable

By Nicholas Williams , University of Melbourne ; Andrew Coutts , Monash University , and Stephen Livesley , University of Melbourne Australia’s major cities routinely rank among the world’s most liveable . But for all our clean streets, good healthcare and educational...

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Interview with IPWEA Sustainability Director, Stephen Lees

IPWEA's Director of Sustainability Stephen Lees acts as the Institute’s conduit and advocate for sustainability issues, and is on the organising committee for the 2014 Sustainability in Public Works Conference by Gemma Black Have you always been interested in...

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City of Salem OR USA System Master Plan General Docs

Three general document to the City's System Master Plan: The first: an introduction to the Master Plan Philosophy; Second: a description of the overall document; and Third: an introduction to Level of Service methodology. #AssetManagement #WaterSewerage #CorporateBusinessPlans ...

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AC Pipe Dimensions

From 'Hardie's Textbook of Pipeline Design 1985', John Hardie & Co. #TechnicalPaper #WaterSewerage

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Communicating the Public Works Message 4

Effective October 1, 2012, the City of Rowlett (Texas, USA) will raise water and sewer rates $11.95 per customer per month. For most residential customers, this will increase their monthly utility bill by about 9%. Refuse and drainage fees will remain flat. Jim Proce, Managing Director of...

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Rob Fearon - Urban Water Industry - not Urbane

2011 State Conference - The world can be divided into two categories of people, those who rail and curse at Microsoft for automatically correcting text, and those that curse but spend hours trying to fix the auto correction feature. I recently tried moving from the first to the second camp and...

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