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Alliance awarded contract to build Perth's first Smart Freeway

Construction and installation of Perth's first Smart Freeway is now just months away following the award of a major contract. The tender to construct an extra northbound lane on the Kwinana Freeway using smart technology was awarded to SmartWays Alliance. The Alliance comprises of BMD...

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Template to prepare RMS Crash data for GIS use

This spreadsheet is designed to make use of the RMS Crash data provided in dbf format. It uses lookup formulae to convert the codes included in the dbf files to readable values, as supplied by RMS in text file format in the 'Labels for DBF fields' directory which accompanies the CD data supply...

RMS Crash Data dbf import TEMPLATE.xlsx

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New all-electric buses in London

Two new all-electric buses hit the streets of London late last year, as part of a trial to help the city's transport authority plan for greater use of the technology for short routes in the CBD. Built by Chinese manufacturer BYD Auto Ltd., the 12-metre single-deck buses entered...

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NSW "Staysafe Committee" School Safety Zones - IPWEA (NSW) submission

This submission is a compilation of members' comments in response to an invitation from the Joint Parliamentary committee on Road Safety (Staysafe) to comment on apsect of road safety in school zones. It was prepared in conjunction with the Roads and Transport Directorate. #RoadSafety ...

Staysafe Submission on school crossings September 2011 Final.pdf

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Jason Deller - Parking Management, One Element Towards Sustainable Transport on the Sunshine Coast

2011 State Conference Most people are accustomed to “free” parking being available wherever and whenever they desire, fostering expectations for “free” parking that has become deeply ingrained in our cultural discourse. The reality is that historical parking practices have created an...

Microsoft PowerPoint - Session 11 - Jason Deller [Compatibility Mode].pdf