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102 Troy Brockbank

NZ's Largest Proprietary Stormwater Treatment Device An Innovative Centralised Stormwater Treatment & Pumping Facility #StormwaterFloodManagement #Yearpublished2017 #SpeakerPresentation #StrategyandFutures

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Urban Inventory project

A contact of mine at CSIRO has been working on the Urban Inventory project. This project aims to use digital images to identify and develop spatial representation of trees, buildings and porous surfaces. Images may be sourced (for free?) from Google Earth or Google Street View, or you may...

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Our cities need more trees and water, not less, to stay liveable

By Nicholas Williams , University of Melbourne ; Andrew Coutts , Monash University , and Stephen Livesley , University of Melbourne Australia’s major cities routinely rank among the world’s most liveable . But for all our clean streets, good healthcare and educational...

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Interview with IPWEA Sustainability Director, Stephen Lees

IPWEA's Director of Sustainability Stephen Lees acts as the Institute’s conduit and advocate for sustainability issues, and is on the organising committee for the 2014 Sustainability in Public Works Conference by Gemma Black Have you always been interested in...

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Condition Assessment & Asset Performance Guidelines

IPWEA has published a Preamble Document (eBook) to its Practice Notes series which sets out generic principles applicable to all types of assets. It covers the basic concepts of condition assessment, performance measurement, risk management and data management. This overview draws from the...

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Rob Fearon - Urban Water Industry - not Urbane

2011 State Conference - The world can be divided into two categories of people, those who rail and curse at Microsoft for automatically correcting text, and those that curse but spend hours trying to fix the auto correction feature. I recently tried moving from the first to the second camp and...

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