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Harrods' electric van proves everything old is new again

The iconic retailer Harrods of London has gone full circle to re-introduce electric power to its fleet 100 years after they first used electric delivery vans. The new Harrods van is a Nissan e-NV200, complete with the traditional green and gold livery. The electric van is based on the...

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Interview with IPWEA Sustainability Director, Stephen Lees

IPWEA's Director of Sustainability Stephen Lees acts as the Institute’s conduit and advocate for sustainability issues, and is on the organising committee for the 2014 Sustainability in Public Works Conference by Gemma Black Have you always been interested in...

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Prospectus inviting Applications to join pilot trial of Infrastructure Sustainability Rating tool

How sustainable is your Council’s road maintenance program? How could it be made more sustainable? How does it rate on sustainability with those of other councils? Get answers to these questions, and more, by nominating your council to participate in the pilot application of the Australian...

prospectus inviting councils to nominate for pilot_V3_0811122.pdf

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Economics of Pavement materials & Recycling Survey

Austroads Project AT1736, Economics of Materials Availability and Recycling, is being managed by the Austroads Assets Task Force. The purpose of this survey is to investigate the economics associated with both the continued use of traditional pavement materials and also the adoption of...

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