IPWEA Fleet Health Check

   If your organisation is considering a comprehensive, on the ground fleet review, the IPWEA Fleet Health Check Tool will ensure the review is focused on the areas of greatest need and effectively provide a consultants brief.

IPWEA FLEET is excited to be able to now provide our subscribers with a Fleet Management Health Check Service. The IPWEA fleet management health check is an efficient and effective way for a fleet owner to review their fleet management processes and activities to identify what is being done well – but more importantly where improvements can be made. The health check is a proactive and positive way to identify and address areas of concern before they become more significant issues. It’s like going to a Doctor for a check-up so you can address problems before they become serious and costly.

A health check provides the following benefits:

  • Identifies gaps before more serious problems occur
  • Drives continuous improvement
  • Demonstrates proactive management

The Health Check can be undertaken at two levels:

  • Third Party Assessment
  • Self-Assessment

  Third Party Assessment

This is undertaken in conjunction with IPWEA FLEET to provide an independent review of your fleet operation. A broad-based questionnaire covers 12 areas and 84 attributes important to the effective management of your fleet. The questionnaire enables the selection of the most suitable response from drop-down lists and requests validation documentation and comment where appropriate. You complete the questionnaire and attach associated documents online. There is no need to assign days on site with the assessor, the review is completed remotely.

An IPWEA FLEET professional assessor is then assigned to review and assess your response.

Following the assessment, you are provided with:

  • A report detailing the process undertaken, opportunities for improvement and key recommendations
  • A graphical score card
  • An assessment summary

You receive your assessment report generally within two weeks of returning the questionnaire.

IPWEA FLEET is a member of the Local Buy Fleet Management panel.

   If your organisation participates annually, a comparison can be made against the previous position assessment and against the wider industry as more organisations participate. The IPWEA Fleet Health Check will over time provide an important fleet benchmarking tool.


The cost for the Third Party Assessment is great value at:

  • $2,200 plus GST for IPWEA FLEET Premium subscribers
  • $2,900 plus GST for IPWEA FLEET Basic subscribers
  • $3,450 plus GST for IPWEA FLEET Non subscribers

The Third Party Assessment provides you with an independent and detailed assessment of your fleet operation.

To order a Third Party Assessment Health Check, contact:

Marc Sibbald Director IPWEA Fleet marc.sibbald@ipwea.org


IPWEA also offers a simple self-assessment that the fleet operator undertakes on their own to identify high level opportunities for improvement. The self-assessment health check can be downloaded at no charge for IPWEA FLEET subscribers from our Resources Page.

Fleet Management Health Check

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