Fleet Innovation Award

IPWEA Fleet Innovation Award

This award aims to acknowledge and promote the outstanding achievements in the fleet management industry.


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IPWEA Fleet is thrilled to announce the creation of the Fleet Innovation Award, a prestigious recognition dedicated to honouring excellence and innovation in the fleet management industry.

This award has been established to celebrate organisations and individuals to encourage innovation and continuous improvement across the fleet community to promote efficient, effective and safety fleet management practices.

The Fleet Innovation Award will be presented each year at the annual IPWEA Australasian Fleet Conference.

Key Dates

Entries Open: 1 November 2024
Entries Close: 14 February 2025

Judging to be completed by February 2025.

The purpose of the Fleet Innovation Award

The Fleet Innovation Award aims to acknowledge and promote the outstanding achievements in the fleet management industry, thereby setting higher standards for the future. This initiative will spotlight innovators and leaders who are shaping the industry through their dedication, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities.

Purpose of FIA

How to Apply

We invite all eligible candidates to submit their entries and showcase their innovations and contributions to the fleet management industry, through form supplied.

Suppliers can also nominate customers, with their approval, if they believe the organisation or individual has demonstrated innovation through a process of developing and implementing a creative idea.

The Fleet Innovation Award represents a significant step forward in recognising and promoting excellence in fleet management. We look forward to celebrating and honouring the industry's innovators and leaders, and to a future of continuous improvement.

Judging Criteria

The Fleet Innovation Award will be judged based on the following five criteria:

  1. Demonstrates an innovative approach to a problem or issue.
  2. Resulted in an improvement in effectiveness or productivity, client service or provision of services.
  3. Demonstrates responsiveness to community/workplace/industry needs.
  4. Presents as a best practice operating model which is transferable to other work areas.
  5. Demonstrates a return on investment through triple/quadruple bottom line.

A representative from the organisation entering the Fleet Innovation Award must be present at the IPWEA Fleet Conference to accept the award.


What is Innovation?

It is the ability to apply creative thinking to:

  • convert ideas or situations into new, value-added products, services or processes
  • develop new uses for existing products or services

The innovation process consists of developing, applying, launching, advancing and managing the growth and maturity of creative ideas - something most of us do every day without realising it.

Everyone has the capacity to be innovative, and many people actively want to innovate and bring creative and new ways to bear on the problems or issues faced in their work by their organisation, their clients or stakeholders.

Innovation can be:

  • simple or complex improvements
  • the modification of an existing practice or the development and implementation of a new one.