Record-breaking conference closes with invite to Perth 2017 #IPWEA2015

By pwpro posted 10 June 2015 03:16


IPWEA’s 2015 Conference in Rotorua closed with delegates being invited to sunny Western Australia to the 2017 IPWEA Conference in Perth (20-23 August 2017).

The WA contingent could be spotted all week sporting bright yellow scarves bearing the Perth conference branding to promote the upcoming event. If Rotorua was anything to go by, Perth 2017 will be a great event.

Today’s final sessions were testament to the quality of the week’s proceedings.

Young IPWEA’s outgoing Chair Kim Sedgwick opened proceedings (read about her session here), followed by a whole of keynote speakers from all over the world.

Director of Environmental Programs at Kansas City Council, Tom Jacobs presented delegates with an overview of the work of his department.

He caught the attention of many delegates when he relayed a story about one particular project where the winning contractor on a dam project enlisted an artist to consider the aesthetic of the asset.

Delegates keen to find out more about Kansas City will be interested to hear that the next IFME Conference will be held there.

Changing pace slightly, audiences next heard from Wiremu and Marsella Edmonds who encouraged delegates to stand up and be counted by “standing in the gap” and championing what’s right in the workplace.

Wiremu and Marsella recounted the tragic (and avoidable) loss of their eldest son in a forestry accident in a heart-wrenching presentation. Their plea to delegates to show leadership in their organisations to do things properly and safely, moved many people in the audience and sent a strong message. IPWEA thanks them for sharing their story.

To close, local TV personality Nigel Latta took moved into lighter territory with a brief history of time – giving the audience an insight into his hatred for decorative pillows on beds along the way.

His closing thought being one that we can all get behind: “If I have one parting thought, it’s ‘if in doubt, be kind’.”

A special mention should also be given to conference host, comedian Michele A’Court who stepped into the role at the last minute when regular conference host Pio Terrei had to pull out at the last minute for personal reasons.

Michele’s quick-fire banter entertained the crowds and she has been firmly welcomed as part of the IPWEA family.

IPWEA would like to again thank all its sponsors, speakers and delegates for making Rotorua a fantastic event. See you in Perth 2017.

Watch out for our conference wrap-up newsletter (with video) that will be winging its way to you in the coming weeks.




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