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Template to prepare RMS Crash data for GIS use

This spreadsheet is designed to make use of the RMS Crash data provided in dbf format. It uses lookup formulae to convert the codes included in the dbf files to readable values, as supplied by RMS in text file format in the 'Labels for DBF fields' directory which accompanies the CD data supply...

RMS Crash Data dbf import TEMPLATE.xlsx

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World Bank Surfacing Alternatives Notes

Decision Framwork for Surfaces #TechnicalPaper #RoadManagement #International #AssetManagement


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Honing in on Important Projects

The WikIPEA wiki started with a list of important projects and suggestions as to what might be important in the future. This entry now attempts to drill down into specific projects (of interest) to define steps and what has worked and what has not worked in the past - to help improve into the...