Practice Note 8: Levels of Service


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Practice Note 8: Levels of Service & Community Engagement

Published 2014

About Practice Note 8

Levels of Service are the building blocks for infrastructure asset management. Proper understanding about the levels of service is a basic requirement to effectively provide services from infrastructure. The best results are when the community understands their infrastructure needs, delivered at affordable levels. The organisation providing the services from infrastructure must effectively engage their communities for proper mutual understanding.

This Level of Service and Community Engagement Practice Note has been prepared for practitioners in organisations with responsibility for service delivery from infrastructure. These organisations have to manage assets with long but finite lives. It has particular application for local government councils. The Practice Note will assist these organisations prepare for, consult and engage with their communities on the Levels of Service to be provided by the organisation and financed by the community.

The Practice Note looks in detail at:

  • The purpose of Community Engagement with 3 levels of engagement
  • Developing Levels of Service and service options
  • Developing a Community Engagement Plan and engaging with the community
  • Determining affordable and acceptable Service Levels
  • Delivering agreed services
  • Case studies with examples from councils in Australia, NZ and Canada.