Practice Note 10.4: Service Delivery


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Practice Note 10.4
Parks Management: Service Delivery

Published 2018

About Practice Note 10.4

Practice Note 10.4 is designed to provide practical, parks specific management advice and guidance. It uses best practice principles combined with industry examples to implement parks management tasks in the areas of:

  • Service delivery planning;
  • Service reviews;
  • Service delivery specifications;
  • Quality management;
  • Contract management;
  • Maintenance planning;
  • Financial requirements for operations and maintenance;
  • Documenting the above information in the lifecycle management section of the asset management plan.

It is intended that these guidelines be applicable for typical Local and State Government Parks Agencies, Public Utility Agencies, Tertiary Institutions, Trusts and other organisations responsible for managing publicly accessible parks, open space, and natural areas.

The subject of this Practice Note is publicly accessible parks, open space and natural areas which are generally defined as any land that is managed for the purposes of public recreation, conservation, amenity or landscape enhancement.

It also includes living and natural assets and services not located on land where the primary purpose is not public recreation, parks and open space, for example: street trees, gardens located on road corridors, water catchment and drainage areas, or grounds around community buildings and facilities.

Within the framework of Practice Notes developed by IPWEA, parks management has its own sub-group of guidelines, based on the following framework:

PN 10.1 Parks Management: Inventories, Condition & Performance Grading

PN 10.2 Parks Management: Renewal Planning, Valuation and Asset Management Plans

PN 10.3 Parks Management: Levels of Service

PN 10.4 Parks Management: Parks Service Delivery

PN 10.5 Parks Management: Planning

PN 10.6 Parks Management: Trails, Tracks and Paths