Practice Note 10.1: Inventories, Condition & Performance Assessment


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Practice Note 10.1
Parks Management: Inventories, Condition & Performance Assessment

Published 2014

About Practice Note 10.1

It includes an update and replacement of the original “PRAMS” condition grading guideline, providing specific descriptions of how to assess a range of common park assets.

It includes information to assist in the following tasks:

  • Design of asset inventories
  • Asset information collection and upkeep
  • Assessment of condition and remaining life
  • Use of performance assessment to compliment or use as an alternative to condition
  • The relationship of levels of service to condition and performance
  • Dealing with green and natural assets

The aim is to foster best practice and a national approach to encourage consistency of management practices, data collection and asset management outcomes.

It is intended that these Guidelines be applicable for:

  • Local government parks departments
  • State government parks agencies
  • Public utility agencies
  • Trusts and other organisations responsible for managing publicly accessible parks open space

Within the framework of Practice Notes developed by IPWEA, parks management has its own sub-group of guidelines, based on the following framework:

PN 10.1 Parks Management: Inventories, Condition & Performance Grading

PN 10.2 Parks Management: Renewal Planning, Valuation and Asset Management Plans

PN 10.3 Parks Management: Levels of Service

PN 10.4 Parks Management: Parks Service Delivery

PN 10.5 Parks Management: Planning

PN 10.6 Parks Management: Trails, Tracks and Paths