AMB 2019: Applying Infrastructure Asset Management Principles


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Asset Management Basics

As a companion document to the IIMM, this Guideline has been written to assist people and organizations new to asset management that need to gain a grasp of the basic requirements of asset management planning.

It specifically aims to meet the needs of organizations who meet one or more of the following, they are:

  • In the early days of establishing asset management practices;

  • Smaller or lower risk organizations which do not warrant or seek advanced or complex asset management practices;

  • From countries where asset management governance is minimal.

It is also intended to be suitable for entry-level practitioners who may work in the asset management or related fields (such as infrastructure operators).

This Guideline draws on the guidance in the IIMM but focuses on the journey to ‘basic’ and ‘core’ asset management in the Asset Management Maturity spectrum. It will enable readers to undertake the basics of asset management, including:

  • Setting up an asset register.

  • Develop simple maintenance plans and renewal forecasts for the existing network.

  • Assess what services are required now and, in the future.

  • Develop an Asset Management Plan and medium-long-term cashflow forecasts.