Practice Note 10.2: Parks Asset Management

Practice Note 10.2:
Parks Asset Management

Renewal Planning, Valuation and Asset Management Plans

Published 2016

About Practice Note 10.2

This Parks Management Practice Note provides practical advice and guidance to assist parks management practitioners in the application of asset management practices. It uses parks terminology and parks examples to translate the typical engineering focused asset management approach to the parks environment.

It includes information to assist in the following tasks:

  • Financial budgeting and planning
  • Valuation including the approach to setting individual asset lives and values
  • Renewal planning
  • Asset management plan preparation

The aim is to foster best practice and a national approach to encourage consistency of management practices, valuation and asset management outcomes.

It is intended that these Guidelines be applicable for:

  • Local government parks departments
  • State government parks agencies
  • Public utility agencies managing open spaces
  • Trusts and other organisations responsible for managing publicly accessible parks and open space.

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