IPWEA NZ exists to advance best practice infrastructure asset management to support thriving communities in New Zealand.  The infrastructure we build today will shape tomorrow's communities.

Sustainable infrastructure refers to designing, building, and operating of the structural elements and networks that support human society, in ways that do not diminish the social, economic and ecological processes required to maintain human equity, diversity, and the functionality of natural systems.

About Sustainable Infrastructure

Governments worldwide are beginning to make legislative changes to address and correct our impact on the natural world.  The public and private sectors are now acting upon the awareness and acceptance that our climate requires us to urgently reassess the way we relate to the natural world. 

A step change is urgently needed in public policy and private investment decisions so that climate resilience is an automatic and critical investment consideration for all sectors of the physical economy. 

IPWEA NZ are committed to being part of the solution by encouraging the conversation, collaboration and action to advance sustainability in our industry.

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Environmental & Sustainability Excellence Award

In 2019, IPWEA NZ proudly partnered with Morphum Environmental, to launch the first Environment & Sustainability category in it's Excellence Awards. The Award was positively received by the industry, attracting a significant number of entrants.   
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Wiki Page for resilience to natures challenges - UC

University of Canterbury repository of research on resilience of spatially-distributed infrastructure networks to extreme natural hazards - click here

Project Drawdown

An impressive online resource of well-researched climate change solutions.  Click here

Adapting infrastructure to climate change - James Hughes
Branch meeting presentation, November 2019 - click here


Events Archive

Making Decarbonisation Planning Manageable. By Markus Benter-Lynch

More organisations are committing to becoming net zero carbon. But the level of expertise and resources available to support this varies widely. This article provides practical suggestions for organisations with complex carbon footprints, such as local councils and manufacturing businesses, but with limited resources, to develop a robust decarbonisation plan. Read the full article here

Why asset management planning is key to addressing the threat of climate change. By David Jenkins, CEO IPWEA

​Climate change poses a significant risk to infrastructure, as extreme weather events such as heatwaves, droughts, bushfires, storm surges and flooding become more frequent.  We need to build resilience into infrastructure in the planning phase. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. As a rule of thumb, early mitigation measures can save five times the cost of repairs.  Read the full article here

29 July 2021: Sustainable Procurement Webinar

This webinar featured Sustainability Specialist Annabel Burgess unpacking the what, why and how of Sustainable Procurement. Annabel shared insights from her experiences as sustainable procurement specialist at Auckland Transport, and spoke about the current state of sustainable procurement in New Zealand - click here (45min)
Hon James Shaw - Inspiring Speaker Event
Hear from Hon James Shaw and Dr Jo Cribb Feb 12 - click here

Climate Change Carbon Zero Event

Listen to five expert speakers on where to from here with carbon zero, Feb 11 in Auckland - click here
9 June 2020: Sustainable Infrastructure Opportunities Post-COVID-19 - Webinar

Hon Min James Shaw and Dr Errol Haarhoff, Professor of urban design at The University of Auckland, spoke about the opportunities to advance sustainable infrastructure following the experience of COVID-19 lockdown. (60min) - click here

Sustainability Forum

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    New IGPS (Institute of Governance and Policy Studies) working paper out: How to decarbonise New Zealand's transport sector by Paul Callister and Heidi O'Callahan, 2021. To read it: click here. ------------------------------ Freda Wells IPWEA ...

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    HI Sandy, an onerous document will sort the wheat from the chaff. It tends to put the cowboys off. Some of our requirements at Frankston City Council include: Costing in 5 years maintenance to the tender Bank guarantee 5% of contract sum, retained ...

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    Hi Brianna. Have you seen this one? ------------------------------ Dion Cowley New Plymouth District Council New Plymouth

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    Hi The City of Albany runs a monthly "Green Movie" to raise awareness and context of sustainability across our organisation. The Engineering team gets to choose this month's movie so we are looking for something about 20 mins long, that is entertaining ...

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