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  • 1.  Engineering Standards - QLD

    Posted 19-09-2017 13:04
    I am trying to find details of Sub-Division and Engineering/Development standards for a small residential development in Queensland; Fraser Coast in particular.

    Anybody able to point me in the right direction?


  • 2.  RE: Engineering Standards - QLD

    Posted 20-09-2017 12:08
    Hi Mike

    Usually the Council Planning Schemes provide guidance on the standards for developments. Sub-division requirements for utilities, roads, parking etc. are all based on either equivalent tenements (ETs) or equivalent persons (EPs), which in turn determines the size of infrastructure requirements. The Building Code of Australia (BCA), Local Planning Schemes, Utility planning requirements etc are some reference documents that you need to investigate and all form the requirements for engineering/development standards.

    I don't know of one particular development standard. My background is conveyance engineering so generally I need to use various reference standards. I have also had experience in local government authorities and mining where local rules apply based on state infrastructure requirements.

    I would start small and local first and then expand based on the reference materials those documents use. Internally the BCA is the best document to use.


  • 3.  RE: Engineering Standards - QLD

    Posted 22-09-2017 14:15

    Hi Mike


    You need to start with the Codes and policies of the relevant LGA Planning Scheme. In Qld these often refer to IPWEAQ documents titled - "Complete Streets", "Queensland Streets" and QUDM for stormwater - these can all be sourced from IPWEAQ. For road design these documents are generally consistent with Austroad standards. From here it really depends what you are after (ie. design and/or construction). The most complete set of current design and construction specifications are the AUS-SPEC series available from NATSPEC. These can be easily tailored for any LGA within OZ/NZ and are are kept current and consistent with current OZ/NZ and Austroad Standards by NATSPEC. A link to their website is


    Please give me a call if you require further info.

    Murray Erbs
    Chair NAMS.AU
    0408 941 518


  • 4.  RE: Engineering Standards - QLD

    Posted 20-11-2017 15:58
    ​You should contact the Development Services team at Fraser Coast Council. We can advise on all aspects of your proposed development either by phone or a face to face meeting.

    Ian Gay, Development Engineer, FCRC.