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Fule Dispensing Area (FDA) for service stations & canopy cover

  • 1.  Fule Dispensing Area (FDA) for service stations & canopy cover

    Posted 10-11-2015 09:42

     I am seeking clarification and wanting to take a consistent approach on Service Station design in relation to canopy cover for the fuel dispensing area.

    The EPA formerly known as the Department of Environment and Conservation produced a publication titled “Environmental Action for Service Stations”, where they briefly provide a standard for canopy cover over a fuel dispensing area.

    So that I can take a consistent approach, I have been unable to source a NSW definition for a “Fuel Dispensing Area” (FDA) and I am seeking comments in adopting the following definition of a “Fuel Dispensing Area” (FDA) by Brisbane City Council:

    The FDA shall be designed and operated so that no vehicle can be refuelled outside this demarcated area.”

    Therefore, my interpretation would be that the FDA is determined by the length of each bowser hose, and then we would apply the 10 degree demarcation for the canopy from the outer boundary (ground level) of the FDA.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Adam Mularczyk
    Team Co-ordinator Development Engineering
    Wyong Shire Council