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  • 1.  Driveway construction

    Posted 12-08-2014 11:02
    Hi In Auckland we require developers to seek councils approval for the construction of driveways when the driveway is to be shared by more than one owner. For driveways serving residential developments with five or less dwellings it is typical the developer will install (councils std design) 150mm unreinforced concrete drive on a 50mm AP20 base. A thicker base if soils are soft (subase of AP40 or GAP65 upto 150mm thick depending on subgrade CBR strengths). Asphalt or paving blocks driveways are also permitted with different specifications. I am keen to find out what testing or inspections regimes are carried out or required to be carried out in the inspection process. Do you test the soil strength, metal grades, metal thicknesses, concrete depth pre or post pour, concrete strength, constructed width, grades, kerb haunching, or any other elements? Do you require the developer to certify or provide details, do you just ignore it or do you as a Development Engineer carry out the site checks? I'd be keen to hear your feedback even if it is just what you think would be fair. Regards Glenn ------------------------------------------- Glenn Broadbent Auckland Council Auckland -------------------------------------------

  • 2.  RE: Driveway construction

    Posted 27-01-2015 11:18
    We require formal approval by an application for driveways (under Local Law head of power) to be constructed as per standard drawings (IPWEAQ) here in QLD, when not required as part of DA Operational Works  (if due to various reasons such as commercial, multi unit, requiring pipe crossover or not meeting standards drawings)

    It is considered more in line with concept of SELF ASSESSABLE - ie. if you meet all requirements as per drawing and spec (just notify us, no inspections required).

    There might be different terminology being used on topics here in the forum varying by states and NZ.

    Ashish Shah
    Program Leader - Road Asset Management
    Logan City Council
    Logan Central QLD