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  • 1.  Water Management Act 2000

    Posted 26-06-2014 12:57
    G'day all,

    For those that operate under the Water Management Act 2000 I have a question about Sections 306 & 307 of the Act.

    For building developments (town houses, etc) we generally include on the Section 306 requirements advice that all internal plumbing comply with AS 3500 & that the plumbing consultant is required by the Regs to issue a Certificate of Compliance prior to Council (or Water Authority) issues the Final Section 307 Certificate of Compliance.
    There are provisions in the Act to allow security (bonding) to teh satisfaction of the authority for incomplete works, however we believe incomplete essential servicing (water supply or sewer) to be problematic.

    This creates a problem as we are being asked to release a Final Section 307 Certificate of Compliance prior to the internal plumbing being completed.

    Any advice/commentary would be greatly appreciated.

    Adam Mularczyk
    Team Co-ordinator Development Engineering
    Wyong Shire Council

  • 2.  RE: Water Management Act 2000

    Posted 28-06-2014 16:04
    To Adam,

    I am just posing the proposition that as constructed details submitted to Council are wrong.

    Should there be a mechanism for checking that the details are correct and what do you do if the job is incomplete.

    Dial before you dig say that the details may not be correct.

    Can someone give me guidance on who is responsible and can the Council duck for cover.


    John Keays

    John Keays
    Keays Software
    Brisbane Queensland