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  • 1.  Construction Certificates for Subdivision Works

    Posted 23-05-2014 18:08
    Hi all,

    Our Certfication Unit are currently having a discussion about whether retaining walls constructed as part of subdivision works should be a construction certificate for building works, assessed by our Building Surveyors, rather than the construction certificate for subdivision works, which are assessed by our Development Engineers.

    Included in our discussion is whether retaining walls on road reserves should be assessed as a building under the Building Code of Australia.

    Any comments on how other NSW Council's are dealing with this issue would be much appreciated.


    Jeffrey Begovic
    Senior Development Engineer
    Byron Shire Council

  • 2.  RE: Construction Certificates for Subdivision Works

    Posted 27-05-2014 07:55
    Hi Jeff,

    We assess the retaining walls required through a subdivision as part of the CC for the subdivision.
    This way they are considered with other works such as the interallotment drainage & sewer works.

    In addition the types of walls also restricts fencing options & locations as well as how close you may build.
    It also can determine, if required restrictions that may be required on the lots for retaining/maintenence.


    Adam Mularczyk
    Team Co-ordinator Development Engineering
    Wyong Shire Council


  • 3.  RE: Construction Certificates for Subdivision Works

    Posted 14-10-2015 11:11

    Dear all Development and Subdivision Engineers have you seen the latest discussion paper from Michael Lambert on behalf of the BPB among some of the controversial recommendations include:

    • remove the requirement for councils’ local environment plan to approve of private subdivision certifiers being able to be appointed as PCAs or issue subdivision certificates and simply allow accredited private certifiers to act as PCAs for subdivisions and issue subdivision certificates
    • recognise in the partnership agreement with councils that private subdivision certifiers are fully entitled to issue construction and compliance certificates and councils are not to represent to the contrary
    • councils be directed that their only role in respect to a Section 88 instruments (Conveyancing Act) is to confirm the wording of the condition or restriction
    • council subdivision officers be required to be accredited as certifiers with BPB on the same basis as council building certifiers are accredited
    • NSW work with the ABCB on developing a standard for engineering design requirements for subdivisions

     I welcome everyones thoughts on this topic, and will be putting together a submission on behalf of Warringah Council as I have some strong views against the recommendations.

    Kind regards

    Robert Barbuto 9942 2339
    StormWater & Development Manager
    Warringah Council