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Standard Designs for Infrastructure Components

  • 1.  Standard Designs for Infrastructure Components

    Posted 13-05-2014 12:45
    At the Land Development Engineering Group workshop in Queenstown (NZ) last month, I briefly spoke about standards. In NZ there are 35+ different standard designs for catch-pit (or sump) grates. So suppliers need to carry stocks of these different catch-pit grates at depots throughout NZ. This is just an example, and I am sure that the same scenario would apply to other infrastructure components. If we want to deliver infrastructure more efficiently, one of the options will be to standardise component design. An issue for the Land Development Engineering CoP to discuss, perhaps.

    I would like to know how the standardising of infrastructure components is progressing in Australia. Perhaps Australia is ahead of NZ in this regard and some learnings will be available for practitioners in NZ.

    Ross Vincent
    Chief Executive
    New Zealand