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  • 1.  RMS crash data

    Posted 18-12-2014 10:12
    Just a quick question: How you you guys interrogate RMS crash data? Do you have your own bespoke databases to view the data? ------------------------------------------- Darren Price Randwick City Council RANDWICK NSW -------------------------------------------

  • 2.  RE: RMS crash data

    Posted 19-12-2014 13:58
    Hi Darren We do that a couple of ways. I use the dbf/excel files to look at the entire dataset and sort/filter to do summary reports and find the details for individual crashes. We also download into an in-house developed Access based application to review a length of road for issues that go the LTC for review. ------------------------------------------- David Tynan Road Safety Officer Blacktown City Council BEROWRA NSW -------------------------------------------

  • 3.  RE: RMS crash data

    Posted 09-02-2015 12:09
    David, I'd be keen to take a look at that Access application. It's been a decade since I last looked at crash data and I really thought it would have been computerized by now! ;)



    Darren Price
    Randwick City Council


  • 4.  RE: RMS crash data

    Posted 10-02-2015 14:15

    We use the crash data in excel/.pdf file to check any crash history in a particular road section. Recently i successfully export the crash data into Council's MapInfto system so i able to visualize the history of crash data in the background of the road network and other GIS layers. I found it is really useful and much easier way to identify any repeating crashes in the map.


    Siva Karthigesh
    Investigation and Design Engineer,
    Muswellbrook Shire Council


  • 5.  RE: RMS crash data

    Posted 11-02-2015 16:36
    A Council I worked at previously inserted crash data as a layer on our GIS software, but we also retained the data in an excel sheet, although we modified it from the RMS release format, which is a bit cumbersome, to enable us to search more easily through crash history for specific sections of road. When I started here at Bathurst I had the crash data put in as a layer in our GIS, which has made it much easier to review specific sites. Personally, I think using that some form of GIS layering and a modified excel spreadsheet (incorporating drop-down search menus make this a great tool) simultaneously is the best way of interrogating data. This enables you to put basic data in your GIS for the purpose of preliminary site review (markers at crash co-ordinates will immediately indicate problem locations), and then if you need to find more specific information to determine the causes of the crash history for treatment options, excel is a great way of managing that level of data. The two together make site analysis for either in-depth (e.g. causes, treatments, funding assessments) or cursory safety reviews (e.g. responding to complaints from the public) very fast. ------------------------------------------- Bernard Drum Civil Design and Project Engineer Bathurst Regional Council BATHURST NSW -------------------------------------------

  • 6.  RE: RMS crash data

    Posted 19-12-2014 16:22
    Hello Darren Out Traffic Section have had the data loaded into the GIS. Queries are by polygon and shows the information such as RUM code, the GIS markers are is coloured for fatal, injury or tow away and we have a layer for last 10 or so years and another for 10 to 20 years ago. Rest of data extraction is manual from the printout in the polygon. We have an ESRI GIS but had similar set up on previous GIS. ------------------------------------------- Jim Turner "Team Leader, Design & Projects" Ku-ring-gai Council PYMBLE NSW -------------------------------------------

  • 7.  RE: RMS crash data

    Posted 20-12-2014 12:54
    Dear James

    I woud be very interested in getting hold of the table format and symbology for your RMS crash data integration GIS.
    We have the the Crash data, but I have never even thought of getting this into the GIS. Fantastic idea.

    Are you able to provide or put us in contact with the right officer?
    Have a safe and happy Christmas.

    Grant Baker
    Director Infrastructure Services
    Blayney Shire Council