Asset Tracking & Monitoring

Asset Tracking & Monitoring

Understand the case for widely installing tracking and monitoring devices on assets through IPWEA’s newest Emerging Technology program.

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The Asset Tracking and Monitoring program will assist public works professionals and asset custodians in understanding the case for widely installing tracking and monitoring devices on assets such as their fleet, portable equipment, stationary plant, access infrastructure and fixed infrastructure.

Following the success of the IPWEA Emerging Technology – Street Lighting & Smart Controls program, this new program is a result of extensive Member and industry consultation. It is intended to provide comprehensive and unbiased information to help our Members and stakeholders rapidly gain confidence in the acquisition and deployment of asset tracking and monitoring technologies.


  • Access technically robust, industry-vetted guidance material and online training aimed at helping professionals working in public works and engineering services to understand asset tracking and monitoring technology and the benefits of deployment.
  • Earn a credential via a digital badge in Asset Tracking & Monitoring technology and its application to asset management with IPWEA’s new online course.
  • Access case studies about Asset Tracking and Monitoring deployments.
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In recent years, digital technology has evolved to bring the digital and physical worlds closer together unlocking a range of new possibilities to apply digital technology to the management of physical assets and infrastructure. This provides an opportunity for IPWEA to serve its members by helping them understand and apply the benefits of digital technologies to the management of these public works assets.

The IPWEA Asset Tracking and Monitoring program will deliver the following resources:

  • The Business Case for Asset Tracking & Monitoring
  • Model Specification for Asset Tracking & Monitoring
  • Online Learning Program

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Asset Tracking & Monitoring Online Learning Program

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Earn the IPWEA Emerging Technology – Asset Tracking and Monitoring Digital Badge

A comprehensive Asset Training and Monitoring online course is now available. The Asset Tracking and Monitoring course will rapidly build your knowledge and skills in asset tracking and monitoring, build familiarity with the IPWEA Asset Tracking and Monitoring publications and guide you in the initial steps to assess viable technology solutions in relation to your organisational needs and context.

The course is delivered online, giving you the flexibility to learn at a time that suits you.

The Asset Tracking & Monitoring Online Learning Program provides participants the opportunity to:

  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of Asset Tracking and Monitoring technologies and use cases
  • Access tools and guidance materials to build a business case using inputs from your own organisation
  • Earn  a credential via a digital badge in Asset Tracking & Monitoring technology and its application to asset management
  • Access a Business Case Outline including an Appendix providing a detailed survey of benefits of Asset Tracking & Monitoring technology which will help you to develop business cases for applying Asset Tracking & Monitoring technology in your own organisations (available only via this course)
  • Access a ‘Returnable Schedule’ to assist in the procurement process (available only via this course)

Asset Tracking & Monitoring Online Learning Program

Duration:  4-5 hours

Outcome: Upon completion receive the Asset Tracking and Monitoring Digital Badge – allowing you to showcase your achievement in your CV, via LinkedIn and on other social media platforms.

Member: $250 + GST 
Non-Member: $299 + GST

CPD: 5 hours

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Graham Mawer | MBA, B.A.Sc

Graham has worked for a wide variety of private and public sector clients on public lighting, smart city and energy projects over more than 20 years in Australia. His most prominent projects are large multi-council public lighting initiatives. He is a Member of IPWEA and an Associate Member of the IESANZ. Graham is a Certified Smart Cities Practitioner and sits on Standards Australia committee IT-269 Smart City Systems.

Paul Gowans | SCOTEC Higher Certificate Elec Eng, MIES, ILE Qualifications

Paul has enormous depth of experience with public lighting including three decades managing lighting networks for UK councils and running a public lighting contractor. His best-known work in Australia was leading the country’s first large LED deployment and first large multi-function pole deployment for the City of Sydney. Paul is one of the few lighting engineers in Australia to have an IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning. He sits on two key Standards Australia lighting committees and is the past chairman of the Scottish Region Institution of Lighting Engineers. Paul is a Member of IPWEA and of the IESANZ.

Merrick Spain | Bachelor of Econ & Comp. Science, CompTIA, Network +

A strategic thought leader in business technology markets, Merrick previously led emerging technology business for Telstra in Australia and Asia Pacific, and is Founder CEO and Principal Consultant for Civic Analytica, a boutique digital and data advisory. Leveraging deep insight, Merrick’s passion is to equip businesses, governments, networks and industry groups to manage their digital transformation, better leverage data assets and thrive in the digital century.

IPWEA would like to thank the following organisations for contributing ideas, participating in surveys, providing case study material and reviewing draft material for the program

Cody Corporation
Digital Matter

Fleet Complete
Fleet Space Technologies

Lacuna Space
M2M Connectivity
Movus / FitMachine


Teletrac Navman