Scholarship Terms & Conditions

IPWEA 2024 Scholarships Terms and Conditions

  1. Applications: You must submit a completed Scholarship Application via the JotForm, agreeing to the Scholarship Conditions by January 26, 2024.
  2. Individual Applications: Applications submitted jointly by more than one person will not be considered. Scholarships are awarded to an individual and cannot be shared.
  3. Course enrolment: You must commit to completing the courses specified within the advised date ranges. All courses to be completed in 2024. Any recipient who fails to complete both courses during the allocated timeframe, without an approved application for extension, will forfeit the Scholarship.
  4. Promotion: Provide an article for publication on the IPWEA website on a core principle topic.
  5. Promotion: Promote the Scholarship program to a state or national event during the two-year period.
  6. Promotion: Consent to provide ongoing information for publication on the IPWEA web pages and other publications as appropriate.
  7. Refused applications: If Your Application is received after the closing date or does not meet the requirements set out in these conditions, it will not be considered.
  8. Successful applicant: The successful application will be notified on Friday February 9th, 2024.
  9. Publication: The successful applicant will be published in IPWEA’s newsletter. You consent to IPWEA sharing your name and employer provided in your application.
  10. Conduct whilst on Scholarship:
    • At all times be a good ambassador for IPWEA Australasia and the International Asset Management Congress.
    • Avoid any act (including making any oral or written communication) that could damage the organisation’s reputation, be misleading, result in victimisation or harassment, lead to criminal or civil liability, or be reasonably found to be offensive, obscene, threatening, abusive or defamatory; and
    • Comply with all laws, rules, regulations, policies and standards applicable to the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia.
  11. Non-award of Scholarships: IPWEA may upon recommendation of the panel not award any or all of the Scholarships if they decide (in their absolute discretion) either that there are no suitable applicants for the Scholarship or that there are insufficient applications.

For scholarships including travel to the International Asset Management Congress

  1. Passports and visas: You are responsible for obtaining all necessary passports, visas and other travel documentation.
  2. Travel at own risk:
    You accept that:
    • You travel at Your own risk and in Your own time;
    • IPWEA and Your employer are in no way responsible for You or Your conduct whilst You are attending the event; and
    • You are solely responsible for Your own health, safety and well-being while attending the event.
  3. Travel Costs: IPWEA will cover the cost of flights and accommodation to the maximum value of AUD$1000 as a reimbursement. All receipts must be presented. All other travel incidentals will be at the expense of the recipient. You will be responsible for your own travel arrangements.