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  • 1.  New Road Project

    Posted 29-04-2024 12:40
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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Sayan and I'm a student engineer from the City of Swan. I'm currently working on an assignment for my transportation engineering unit, where I need to gather details about real-life road construction. (New road project, not an improvement.)
    I'm looking for details of any small road projects, and if possible, I would greatly appreciate the following information: project charter, one or two plan drawings, and any available details including policies, administration, funding, economics, environment, safety, route selection, design theory, and geometric design elements such as alignment, grade, sight distance, lane and roadway width, right-of-way width, surfacing, median width, intersection, and traffic control. I have attached my senior's assignment for your reference.
    I have tried to obtain this information from my office, but due to confidential issues with ongoing projects, and being too big for a university assignment, I have not been successful yet. Therefore, I am reaching out to obtain any council links available to the public. You can reach out to me at
    Thank you for your assistance.
    Best regards,

    Sayanthan Kailayankirinathan
    City of Swan