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Parks management: levels of service (PN10.3)

  • 1.  Parks management: levels of service (PN10.3)

    Posted 26-04-2017 15:55

    Training for your whole parks team – don't let your parks planner get left behind!

    These one-day workshops have been designed to introduce and expand on the topics covered in the NEW Practice Note 10.3 Parks Management: Levels of service. Trainer Jayson Kelly says parks teams should ensure their planners don't miss out. "Don't just bring one person – bring a key player from parks operations, asset management and planning. The takeaway message is valuable to each of those three parks disciplines collectively – if you've got the operational, asset management and planning people taking the message back to an organisation, it's much more likely to be implemented." – Jayson Kelly, Xyst Australia


    By attending, you will learn how to:

    • Prepare and review levels of service for parks strategies, asset management plans and service delivery documentation
    • Identify services to target for review/change that will be meaningful and sustainable
    • Ensure levels of service are applied across all your parks management activities – such as planning, asset management and operations
    • Develop a framework/approach for developing and reviewing levels of service
    • Effectively prepare levels of service
    • Develop and use parks categories consistently and effectively across your organisation
    • Tackle renewal and operating funding shortfalls  

    This workshop is recommended for:

    • Parks managers
    • Parks planners
    • Asset management staff
    • Coordinators and supervisors  


    Parks Management: Levels of Service - Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia


    Practice Note 10.3

    Nicole Patten
    EA & Manager Customer Relations
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