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Ask Your Mates: Road Safety

  • ​Hi All New residential subdivisions consisting of new roads, shared paths, etc being created on private lands can be Certified by Accredited Certifiers (in NSW). Some Councils impose a consent condition requiring the subdivision to have a Road Safety ...

  • Hello all, We condition new developments & subdivisions to have road safety audits or road safety checks (as per RMS) depending on the size & complexity of the developments. Very, very few consultants appear to be aware of Road Safety Checks. I am trying ...

  • Good morning all, We are proposing to provide some elsholz kerbing to manage run off road risks in a new subdivision as we have a 2.5m drop off to bushland. We will have a safety fence to prohibit pedestrian & cyclists from going over this drop. ...

Ask Your Mates: Land Development Engineering

  • ​Adam, Thanks for that. The Roads Authority will have two roles to play - one as the Safety Engineer and one as the Project Manager ? Development Engineer who has responsibility for ensuring that the development complies with the consent granted.  It ...

  • ​​Hi All I posted the item below on the Road Safety communities discussion & only had one private reply, thanks to that person. As this involves land development I was wondering if any Development Engineers have a thought on this matter. New residential ...

  • ​You should contact the Development Services team at Fraser Coast Council. We can advise on all aspects of your proposed development either by phone or a face to face meeting. ------------------------------ Ian Gay, Development Engineer, FCRC. ----- ...

Ask Your Mates: Park, Landscape & Urban Design