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Local Govt - Private Certifiers & Road Safety Auditors

  • 1.  Local Govt - Private Certifiers & Road Safety Auditors

    Posted 26-06-2018 10:07
    ​Hi All

    New residential subdivisions consisting of new roads, shared paths, etc being created on private lands can be Certified by Accredited Certifiers (in NSW). Some Councils impose a consent condition requiring the subdivision to have a Road Safety Audit (RSA) carried out on the roads, etc of the proposed subdivision. The RSA generally has a statement to the effect that " is ultimately the responsibility of the Project Manager & Road Authority to determine how best to respond to the identified deficiencies" Additionally, How would the prospective Roads Authority be involved in the correct action proposal?
    In this regard, how is the Council as the Roads Authority involved in satisfactorily & appropriately managing mitigating measures for the identified safety deficiencies?
    Generally, the Auditors recommend treatments at the lower end of the order or the hierarchy of controls to minimise costs, resulting mostly in inadequate measures to eliminate or manage the safety deficiencies?
    Has anyone contested the proposed dedication of any public roads due to safety concerns?