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  • 1.  Non compliant access

    Posted 19-03-2012 19:35

    We have a chicken farm in the Central Coast hinterland that currently operates & has done for many years. They have an access that doesn't have SISD, SSD or any widening.

    They have lodged an application to increase production, doubling the number of articulated vehicles servicing the site. They serve the site at night.

    There is little opportunity to provide SISD or SSD to comply with the guidelines by way of roadworks as the road is basically on a huge rock outcrop on teh side of a steep hill. It is on a steep windy road with limited sight distance.

    To reduce the speed limit is to deal with the RMS & they have previously indicated that there is insufficient warrant from a single development.

    Providing advanced access warning & trucks turning may not be adequate.

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas that we could consider or expand on.

    Thanks in advance
    Adam Mularczyk
    Team Co-ordinator Development Engineering
    Wyong Shire Council


  • 2.  RE:Non compliant access

    Posted 20-03-2012 13:16

    From what you have posted, it appears that all options apart from the Signage would be quite costly. I agree advance warning signage with advisory speed limits alone is not 100% effective.

    You have not mentioned if it is possible to Change the location of the access to an area that complies. This would most likely require considerable internal road upgrades & costs.

    It is always possible to do the works required to construct the access to the required standard, even at the location as mentioned. If this is viable for the applicant would be the issue.

    So it appears if nothing else is available, then the approval of a non compliant access with adequate advance warning and advisory speed limits may be the only option.


    Tony Bristow-Stagg
    Technical Officer Development Engineering
    Tablelands Regional Council



  • 3.  RE:Non compliant access

    Posted 20-03-2012 19:41

    Good luck with this one. Sometimes Convex Traffic mirrors help but they are not suitable if the road speed is high. In Victoria we have no ability to reduce speed zones as it does not meet VicRoads criteria for reducing speeds.

    Any solution that relies upon the road traffic to slow down is unlikely to work.

    We always check if the driveway can be relocated.

    If you have to rely on signage you may need to consider you may need to consider Vehicle activated signage.

    Janet Kaylock
    Traffic Engineer
    Yarra Ranges Council