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  • 1.  Active Transport Cycling Plan

    Posted 29-04-2015 12:40
    Wagga Council has funding to prepare an active transport cycling plan for the greater urban area. Can anyone suggest a suitable consultant to do such a plan with us? The development of this plan will include community, stakeholder and Councillor consultation, feasibility assessments, a master plan for future cycleway development for on and off road applications, a scope of works for future cycleway projects and recommended technical specifications schedule. This document will provide Council a pathway to enhance and develop Wagga's existing cycleway network into a high quality integrated network. Regards Rob ------------------------------------------- Rob Owers Asset Integrity Officer Wagga Wagga City Council WAGGA WAGGA NSW -------------------------------------------

  • 2.  RE: Active Transport Cycling Plan

    Posted 30-04-2015 11:07
    Hi Rob, I know that GTA Consultants has done some work in this area. The Amy Gillet Foundation may also be able to assist or give good direction as to who would be best. You can also link it to your region & state Transport plan (Transport for NSW) & also Dept of Planning healthy guidelines for development, Dept of Health guidelines, Transport plans for development & Road Safety. The plan can also prioritise works to maximise benefits for limited funds. Good luck & I would love to see the finished product. Cheers ------------------------------------------- Adam Mularczyk Team Co-ordinator Development Engineering Wyong Shire Council WYONG NSW -------------------------------------------

  • 3.  RE: Active Transport Cycling Plan

    Posted 01-05-2015 13:04

    Hi Rob

    Dr Cameron Munroe does excellent work in the cycle field in Victoria.  He may be able to assist.

    He is ex SKM, now operating independently.

    His contact details are:
    and (03) 9017-2830 and 0432 909962

    Jane Waldock
    Yarra City Council


  • 4.  RE: Active Transport Cycling Plan

    Posted 01-05-2015 13:05
    Hi Rob,

    I agree with Adam. Dick and Warren will certainly help you.

    Dick van den Dool

    GTA Consultants
    02 8448 1800

    0418 234 026
    Level 6, 15 Help Street, Chatswood, NSW, 2067


    Warren Salomon
    Sustainable Transport Consultants Pty Ltd
    PO Box 1601 BONDI JUNCTION NSW 1355 Australia
    Phone: 02 9386 4484   Fax: 02 9012 0793

    David Gillett
    Traffic Assets & Pedestrian Safety Officer
    Gosford City Council