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Participation in ISO 39001 Survey

  • 1.  Participation in ISO 39001 Survey

    Posted 19-08-2014 08:02
    Australia's National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 includes an action to promote ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management Systems. Austroads is responsible for implementing the strategy and has commissioned a project to support development of a model safety management system for road managing organisations in Australia and New Zealand. The Austroads project is designed to promote early adoption of the standard in Australia by identifying and documenting key leadership principles, safety performance factors and operating parameters for Councils and State Road Authorities. This survey has been prepared to facilitate the gathering of information from national/ state/ territory/ local road traffic authorities regarding current safety management practices in Australia and New Zealand and how they align with ISO 39001. I would be pleased if you could take the time to fill out this survey or to forward it on to the relevant person in your Council. Your feedback will assist us in gathering insights into how Councils are progressing towards implementing Road Safety Management systems in accordance with ISO 39001. <> ------------------------------------------- Rita Excell Regional Manager ARRB Group ADELAIDE SAau -------------------------------------------