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  • 1.  Street Lighting relationship to Road Safety

    Posted 20-06-2013 11:35
    G'day Mates

    I am trying to find information regarding the possible relationship of street lighting to road safety, particulary regarding very small isolated curves.

    I have a stiuation in a rural type area that will have a 250 plus manufactured home park that will gain access along a road that has to be upgraded but has three 90 deg bends with 35m radii.
    We have asked that they be lit to provide additional advance warning at night & as usual the developer is asking what standard/s specify that this to be done.

    I have suggested that we are applying road safety practices rather than a specifc standard.

    I have the paper "Lighting the way to road safety" by Godfrey Bridger & Bryan King but wanted to know if anyone was aware of anything else.   

    Any thoughts?


    Adam Mularczyk
    Team Co-ordinator Development Engineering
    Wyong Shire Council


  • 2.  RE:Street Lighting relationship to Road Safety

    Posted 24-06-2013 11:40

    Hi Adam,

    You may find something in AS1158 - 2005 or Austroads' Guide to Road Design Part 6B-Roadside. I have found these help at times. I am also aware that there is a Road and Public Space Lighting Workshop run over 3 days to be held at Parramatta on July 22 - 24. I would be happy to forward you email if you would like to call me at Singleton.

    Hope this helps
    Phillip Oakley
    Design Engineer
    Singleton Council