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    Posted 16-12-2011 18:36
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    Speed Management Committee Operations    

    I recall from my membership thereof as the council engineer (some time ago) that the membership (four members) comprises:

    Police Officer.
    TMR Traffic Officer.
    TMR engineer.
    Council engineer.

    Split vote on say a regulatory speed zone change -  matter to be referred to TMR Brisbane traffic engineering branch for decision. Maybe present postings refer to instances where an unsatisfactory outcome has occurred eg what happens if police officer has serious issue with the outcome? The police database is very worthy of significant regard. An SMC separate from TMC is a good idea in my view as many TMC members have little or no need to be involved in regulatory speed matters.

    A documented Council or TMR QA procedure or policy (appropriately authorised) that includes references to the regulatory and guidance sources would be very worthwhile in my view - provided provision for innovation is included.

    Does anyone have a document of this type to share please? Maybe electronic QA procedures are a great alternative in my view. My interpretation of ISO 9001 would imply documentation of this type to be prudent. (Ultimately, possible remote access to policies and procedures via Intranet / Extranet)?

    John Knott CPEng
    Gold Coast Queensland Australia