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  • 1.  Quality of Road Safety Audits

    Posted 23-04-2012 16:22
    G'day Mates,

    I have recently had a number of Road Safety Audits submitted that are clearly deficient in terms of identifying road safety hazards.
    The audits include text such as "....the audit team did not identify any potential road safety issues..."

    I have previoulsy gone back to the audit team & identified issues with a revised audit being issued.

    Would you consider this to be the best way or have you any alternative suggestions?

    Adam Mularczyk
    Team Co-ordinator Development Engineering
    Wyong Shire Council


  • 2.  RE:Quality of Road Safety Audits

    Posted 24-04-2012 13:38


    Not sure if the audits submitted are by auditors from within the team(s) and if so may be a reason for "no potential safety issues" identified.  Maybe necessary to facilitate audits by experienced auditors removed from the project and can provide non constrained independant responses.

    David Shrimpton
    Bulleen VIC