What’s all this AI about?

By FLEET e-news posted 15-02-2023 15:40


What’s all this AI about?

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By: Anonymous Fleet Manager

I keep hearing all this bull dust about AI-powered this and that. It’s going to reduce our operational costs, decrease our fuel and maintenance expenses, and decrease insurance premiums. What???

I had a look at ChatGPT and OpenAI. Here’s a mouthful folks…Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer. Nice double-talk!

AI might be great for generating marketing content, but it seems pretty much trial and error for anything else at the moment. I mean it’s only as accurate as the data and algorithms it’s based on and there’s lots of potential across the Internet for the chatbot to provide inaccurate or misinformed answers.

Look. There’s no doubt technology is making fleet practitioner’s lives easier and organisations more functional. But there’s nothing better than my staff learning, practicing, and applying the critical principles, knowledge and skills required to manage a plant and vehicle fleet effectively and efficiently.

The term AI is meant to be artificial intelligence, but I think it currently stands for “As If”.

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