The future is electric

By FLEET e-news posted 06-10-2022 10:13


By Marc Sibbald – Director IPWEA FLEET

The future is electric


In September the Tesla Model Y was the number three selling car in Australia. It made headlines everywhere because it’s something that was considered unachievable several years ago. It proves that the world has changed post-pandemic which means the expectations on Fleet Managers is changing as well.

Since the last issue of Fleet Intouch I’ve been able to visit many depots and workshops. It’s been humbling to see what a great job our IPWEA Fleet Subscribers are doing with each and every fleet (follow Ask Your Mates to see the photos). I’ve learnt so much about workshop operations, garbage trucks and lawn mowers.

Each fleet has so much in common yet no two are the same. It’s the similarities and differences that make IPWEA Fleet Subscribers a strong fleet community that can work together to share ideas and processes to deliver the most efficient fleet for their organisation.

Networking and face-to-face discussions are the one thing we all missed over the last two years, so in October and November IPWEA Fleet is running the annual Fleet Management Training Workshops again. Rob Wilson and I will be hosting eight events in eight different cities. Travelling the country like a rock band but instead of belting out tunes each night, we’ll be talking fleet management to an audience of passionate fans.

There are some great speakers in the program with a mix of fleet practitioners sharing some case studies, government representatives and IPWEA Fleet supplier partners. We’ll definitely talk about electric vehicles and share how some fleets are planning for the transition over the next decade.

Hopefully we’ll meet at one of the workshops over the next two months because I’d love to learn more about the great work you and your fleet team are doing. If you can’t make it, send me some pictures that I can share on Ask Your Mates.