In case you missed it, here's a recent post in the Ask Your Mates Forum

By FLEET e-news posted 06-10-2022 11:09


In case you missed it, here's a recent post in the Ask Your Mates Forum


1. Visit to Shell Harbour Council:

It was a sunny spring day when I visited Shell Harbour Council located one hour south of Sydney. I caught up with John Maslanka and Justin Hazelwood. They have supported many different areas of the council operations including a waste depot, marina, golf course and airport.

I noticed the vehicles in the car park were all reversed into their spots (like at Parramatta). John explained that it was a safety initiative and the number of accidents had dropped significantly since implementing this simple requirement. Amanda, one of the other fleet team members, had been tracking the data to prove the savings in cost and lost time.


The other interesting thing I noticed was the tipper bodies on the utes. John said it allows them to multi-purpose and reduces the need to have separate trucks to deliver mulch and soil to smaller jobs.

Marc Sibbald | Director Fleet, IPWEA Australasia


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