The IPWEA Asset Management Pathway


By FLEET e-news posted 12-08-2022 15:48


The IPWEA Asset Management Pathway

The IPWEA Asset Management Pathway is available now to meet the current and future needs of the asset and infrastructure focused public works professional. The Pathway supports your career development as an asset custodian, building your capability with practical learning opportunities, underpinned by our world best practice publications such as the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) and the International Infrastructure Financial Management Manual (IIFMM). You can choose to undertake one course or complete the pathway with a view to achieving an internationally recognised designation.

Register for an IPWEA Asset Management Pathway course

The IPWEA Asset Management Pathway has been designed with 3 levels of learning - Foundations, Build and Recognise levels each featuring courses that are fast becoming the industry standard in training for asset, fleet, and infrastructure focused professionals.

The Foundations level courses include Asset Management Foundations and the Fleet Management Certificate.

The Build level courses include the Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning and the Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Financial Management.

The Recognise level offers the Integrating Asset Management and Governance course.

For more information and registration details, please visit the following link.