Driving me up the wall

By FLEET e-news posted 12-08-2022 15:24


Driving me up the wall

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By: Anonymous Fleet Manager

Time and time again the fleet department is instructed to implement a GPS tracking system with intelligent software. So, the fleet department then invests massive amounts of time to specify, procure and install a system. Mind you, this doesn’t include the initial cost and ongoing monthly fees – which are nothing to sniff at!

But this is what really gets my goat! As far as I know, hardly anyone ends up using the system, which is expensive and time-consuming.

I know there are numerous benefits using a system for the fleet department. The real benefits are obviously only realised when operational staff “actually” utilise the thing.

In my experience, operational staff often use these types of systems as a reactionary tool – if something goes wrong, they log in and review historical data. What this means is that fleet departments and their organisations are missing out on massive benefits.

But what they don’t seem to realise is that GPS tracking systems coupled with intelligent software can be used as a ‘works management tool’, which can be highly beneficial. The right system can be particularly helpful regarding planning, scheduling and dispatching work, route optimisation, compliance, and so on. Also, these systems can provide an ability to gain insights on safe driving behaviour as well as vehicles being fit-for-purpose when validating or rightsizing the fleet.

The BIG question then is: When are operational staff going to start using the system? And who’s going to make them? It’s my belief that senior management must champion the use of these systems.

Perhaps a lot of operational staff are stuck in their ways and reluctant to change? Who knows. All I know is, it really grinds my gears and is driving me up the wall.

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