Zero Emissions Bus, Truck and Van Quarterly Report (Free Download)

By FLEET e-news posted 21-06-2022 09:43


Zero Emissions Bus, Truck and Van Quarterly Report (Free Download)


Evenergi have launched the third edition of the Zero Emissions Bus, Truck and Van (BTV) Report in Australia. This is a very useful resource acting as a guide for tracking the market to make the transition to zero emissions happen.

The report provides the following advantages:

  • Be the first to know when new vehicles are available
  • Compare all vehicles in the market by key specifications
  • Understand the market readiness index by segment
  • Understand charging platforms that are available and key specifications With the onset of the global climate crisis, many bus, truck and van fleet owners are committed to decarbonising their fleets. Their fleets often have the heaviest duties and are some of the highest emitters of CO2 and NOx on the road. The market of available zero emission buses, trucks and vans are rapidly expanding, and billions of dollars are being invested globally to solve the remaining technical limitations and costs associated with zero emissions options. The BTV report is being offered as a free service to the market because busy fleet and sustainability managers do not have the time to hunt down this information. Given the criticality of this area it is a requirement that needs to be part of the operational running of fleet management.

Download the report here.

Evenergi help customers transition their fleet to zero-emissions. Through their evidence-based approach, they deliver fleet transition plans to a variety of customers. The company presents some of their knowledge from their work in this report. They plan to regularly update the quarterly BTV report providing an overview of trends and developments in zero-emissions technologies.