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By FLEET e-news posted 20-04-2022 12:33


A bad manager blames everyone else!


By: Anonymous Fleet Manager

You know the old saying – a bad carpenter blames his tools. Well, I’ve got a new one – a bad manager blames EVERYONE ELSE!

How many times have you heard someone say “The trouble is these young people…” or “It’s hard to get good help these days”. Well to those managers I say, what have you done to support the team?

Have you specified the job properly? Have you provided detailed induction, so the new person understands what is expected? Have you ensured adequate supervision? Have you explained where to get help? Have you undertaken and skills analysis to understand any training requirements etc…?

Before you start pointing the finger – look in the mirror!

To stop our Anonymous Fleet Manager (AFM) blowing a gasket, we created Internal Combustion, a monthly column for fleet-related rants that lets him blow off some steam. Got a fleet gripe you'd like to get his opinion on? Email the editor who will pass it on to AFM... when he's in a good enough mood, that is.