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Case study: New biodiesel waste truck fleet at Campbelltown City Council, NSW

By FLEET e-news posted 26-06-2014 13:16

Campbelltown City Council in south-west Sydney, NSW, along with its resource recovery provider SITA has announced a new fleet of 18 soy-biodiesel-fuelled waste trucks in April –reducing carbon emissions by 293 tonnes each year (the equivalent of taking 64 cars off the road). 

The new trucks come thanks to a $6.75 million investment by SITA, and follow an initial purchase of 20 biodiesel trucks back in 2011. 

The trucks run on soy diesel B20, which is a blend containing 20 per cent soy-based biodiesel, produced from soy oil which is otherwise a waste by-product from farming soybeans. Campbelltown City Council biodiesel trucks

“Cleaner to our environment and more fuel efficient, the trucks are also quieter and feature longer arms, which make accessing bins for collection easier than ever,” said Mayor of Campbelltown, Cr Clinton Mead.

The fleet will also serve as a community education tool, with brightly coloured, prominent messages on the sides of the trucks informing residents how to correctly sort their rubbish in their respective red, yellow and green bins.

“We’re hoping that we also might inspire the broader Campbelltown community to think more about how they can reduce and recycle their waste,” said SITA Campbelltown’s Site Manager, Allan Chisholm.

SITA employs 26 team members to provide Campbelltown City Council’s waste collection services to more than 150,000 residents across 33 suburbs.

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