Unsealed road budgets are being blown away *Sponsored content

By intouch * posted 25-07-2018 15:02


The problem: unsealed roads fail through surface wear, most significantly when the 'sheeting layer' disappears slowly in a cloud of dust. Because of this, material loss unsealed roads are a large consumer of natural materials (Centre for Pavement Engineering Education)

Australian-made solution improves outcomes

Real-time results taken from 14 different PolyCom treated unsealed roads in NSW and VIC during 2017 showed actual averaged reductions in material loss of 84% in comparison to adjacent re-sheeted roads. Ravel test methodology is available here. 

Results of PolyCom treated vs untreated

Screen_Shot_2018-07-25_at_2_34_07_PM.pngData averages show PolyCom treated roads lost 84% less road material than untreated roads


A single 2kg bottle treats 50m3 of road materials.


Treating unsealed roads in-situ with PolyCom and blending existing materials makes for a safer more sustainable unsealed road network that requires 4-6 times less maintenance grading. Call 1800 790 907 or visit

Benefits of PolyCom

  • Financially sustainable
  • Environmentally compliant
  • Reduced purchase of re-sheet materials
  • Less trucking by using in-situ materialConsiderable reduction in fuel use
  • OHS compliant
  • Less repeat work
  • Reduced sediment run off from roadsReduces mud and dust
  • Use existing crew and machinery
  • Treated roads are less slippery when wet